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FP Guide

2016 Leaders in Higher Education

THIS GUIDE IS NO LONGER ACTIVE. For the current FP Guide, click here.

Participating Institutions

Graduate programs in international affairs are taking the lead in a variety of different ways, from cultivating strategic, innovative thinkers to putting policy research to work through practical application, and much more.

Some schools, for example, offer unprecedented opportunities to work with faculty on cutting-edge research. Some focus on helping students acquire powerful new quantitative tools for careers in global policy. And some schools are paving the way for encouraging more undergraduates from different socioeconomic backgrounds to pursue graduate studies leading to careers in public service.

Behind these and other initiatives is a wealth of faculty and administrative leaders. We take a look at some of today’s leaders in higher education who are developing tomorrow’s leaders in government, businesses, nonprofits, and multinational organizations around the world.

Photo: Students at  Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS)




Education in Asia

The 21st century is known as the Asian century,

marked by the area’s growing role as engine of the

global economy. For global policy experts and future

professionals, Asia is already where the action is.