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The Citadel,
The Military College of South Carolina
Citadel Graduate College

Online Master’s Degrees

For working professionals and members of the U.S. military looking for a flexible, convenient alternative to traditional post-graduate studies, The Citadel has the answer: Online master’s degree programs in The Citadel Graduate College (CGC) offer a number of attractive options, including the Master of Arts degree in Intelligence and Security Studies and the Master of Arts degree in International Politics and Military Affairs. In addition, The Citadel is the Southern region’s most highly ranked comprehensive college, so students can rest assured that they’re getting a quality education.

Lt. Gen. John Rosa, President of The Citadel (second from left), with Citadel professors at the school's Intelligence & Homeland Security Enterprise conference, September 2015

Lt. Gen. John Rosa, President of The Citadel (second from left), with Citadel professors at the school’s Intelligence & Homeland Security Enterprise conference, September 2015

CGC’s Intelligence and Security Studies (ISS) master’s program combines theory and practice to provide the skills to enter and advance in the public and private sector intelligence arenas. Moreover, the program fosters the leadership skills needed to effectively address U.S. security and intelligence challenges.

The ISS program is taught entirely online, with instruction from intelligence professionals located around the world. Students have the opportunity to discuss national security issues with professors and classmates who have worked for the FBI, the CIA, and other U.S. intelligence agencies. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency have named The Citadel a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education.

The ISS program’s intellectually rigorous courses instill not only knowledge, but also analytical writing, research, and critical thinking skills. Students may choose to earn an optional graduate certificate in cybersecurity or leadership as part of their master’s degree. Further information about the ISS program is available online at www.citadel.edu/iss.

CGC’s International Politics and Military Affairs (IPMA) master’s program, offered both on-site and online, helps international affairs professionals broaden their understanding of the increasingly complex political, economic, and social issues that transcend national boundaries. Courses address theory and policy pertaining to international politics and culture. Ideas and values that influence state and non-state actors, and leadership principles needed to wrestle with everyday political and organizational decisions are also explored in courses. Students strengthen their critical thinking, analytical, leadership, statesmanship, and communications skills for working in an increasingly globalized environment.

The Citadel IPMA program takes a nuts-and-bolts approach to give students the practical skills they need to pursue careers as military officers, political analysts, foreign-service officers, international civil servants, and business leaders. The program also prepares students for positions involving economic development, nation building, and humanitarian affairs.

Further information about the IPMA program is available at www.citadel.edu/ipma.

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