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ALLEN MORRISON, CEO and Director General
Arizona State University, Thunderbird School of Global Management 


Thunderbird School of Global Management prepares students to be leaders in global environments of volatility, uncertainty, and ambiguity. Along with international business fundamentals, a Thunderbird education focuses on dealing with diversity, change, and the unexpected.

“The world is more and more connected, and many businesses have an international component, even if they are not multinational corporations,” says Thunderbird CEO and Director General Allen Morrison. He notes that doing business internationally or running a nonprofit organization that reaches across borders requires a combination of practical skills and so-called soft skills, such as leadership, communication, and problem-solving.

“At Thunderbird, students get more than what is offered in a traditional MBA program. They also learn from each other and take advantage of applied learning opportunities,” says Morrison. “We put students together in real world situations, and they work and learn collaboratively.”

“Many businesses have an international component, even if they are not multinational corporations.” –Allen Morrison, CEO and Director General, Thunderbird School of Global Management

Thunderbird prepares students to enter the complex and exciting environment of international business, with specialized training in a master’s degree program that includes preparation in cross-cultural relations, global political economy, and regional business environments. Thunderbird graduates are distinctive for their global mindset and high-quality education.

More than 50 percent of Thunderbird students come from outside the United States. Currently, 43 different countries are represented among the school’s students.

Thunderbird offers three primary degree programs: Master of Global Management (MGM), Master of Arts in Global Affairs and Management, and Online Master of Applied Leadership and Management. International business leadership and management are at the core of each program.

The MGM program also is available online as the Online Master of Global Management (OMGM) and in a format designed for working professionals, the Executive Master of Global Management.

Time commitment and fees vary among the different programs, but all of them include applied learning opportunities outside the U.S.

Thunderbird also offers graduate certificates in Global Finance, Global Trade & Commerce, Global Marketing, Global Management, and Global Development.

Thunderbird is based in the southwestern U.S., in Glendale, Arizona, but the school also operates out of Geneva, Dubai, and Moscow.

With an active alumni network of 170 chapters in more than 140 countries, Thunderbird graduates, known as “T-birds,” are well connected to the school. They can help connect students with a wide range of opportunities in organizations around the globe.

“It’s a unique place that offers an eye-opening experience for students that they carry with them through their careers,” Morrison says. “We hear from alumni all the time who tell us, ‘Thunderbird changed my life.’”

Graduate Degree Program Options:
• Master of Global Management
• Master of Arts in Global Affairs and Management
• Online Master of Applied Leadership and Management
• Online Master of Global Management
• Executive Master of Global Management

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