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FP Guide

2018 Applying to Grad School

THIS GUIDE IS NO LONGER ACTIVE. For the current FP Guide, click here.

Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS)


“Students at Johns Hopkins SAIS are known for being talented, collaborative, and ambitious. They come from a wide range of backgrounds, pursue diverse fields of study, and have vast and varied career aspirations, but they also share much in common: They seek to learn from the best, become experts, build their professional networks, and advance their careers.

The school is a home for intellectually curious learners who understand that the world is more complex and interconnected than ever before. Johns Hopkins SAIS students are passionate about making a difference and dedicated to becoming experts in their fields.

“Our students are collaborative in nature and able to form lasting connections with expert faculty, talented classmates, and influential thought leaders who regularly make time to visit the school’s three campuses and meet with students,” says Sidney T. Jackson, assistant dean of global enrollment and recruitment.

The school’s diverse degree offerings cover a wide range of approaches to addressing multifaceted issues, such as cyberterrorism, sustainable energy, water scarcity, migration, financial instability, and economic development. “We have recently added new faculty in areas of strategic importance, such as global health and development, cybersecurity, energy and sustainability, human rights, and migration, to grow our program offerings and ensure that our graduates are well positioned to lead the response to vital global challenges,” says Jackson.

“Our students are collaborative in nature and able to form lasting connections with expert faculty, talented classmates, and influential thought leaders who regularly make time to visit the school’s three campuses and meet with students.” -Sidney T. Jackson, Assistant Dean of Global Enrollment and Recruitment, Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS)

Johns Hopkins SAIS students are ambitious. They partner with the Office of Global Careers to explore rewarding career and internship opportunities. They attend career treks to industry hub cities around the world, and they meet with alumni. After graduating, they are inducted into an alumni network of 20,000 innovative and accomplished professionals working across diverse industry sectors around the world.

The admissions committee at Johns Hopkins SAIS views work experience as a way to measure motivation and to ensure an engaging classroom experience. Candidates are encouraged to highlight the quality and depth of their experience, their increasing levels of responsibility, and their career progression as a way to demonstrate how they will be able to draw upon their firsthand experiences and perspectives and contribute to class discussions.

Johns Hopkins SAIS requires the GRE or GMAT for most degree programs. The admissions committee recognizes that while standardized test scores can demonstrate an applicant’s quantitative and qualitative aptitude, they are not the determining factor in the admissions review. In reviewing candidates, the committee also considers previous academic performance; work experience; international exposure from having worked, studied, volunteered, or traveled outside of their home country; career aspirations; and overall fit with the school’s community.

The admissions committee seeks at least two letters of recommendation from individuals who can best address the candidate’s interpersonal skills, communication skills, character, maturity, aptitude for leadership, and ability to succeed in a competitive graduate school environment. Recommendation letters often come from current or former supervisors, professors, and supervisors from internship and volunteer experiences. For candidates who are currently employed, the committee would prefer that at least one recommendation come from an immediate supervisor.

Master’s Degree Program Options:
• Master of Arts (MA)
• MA in International Affairs
• MA in International Studies
• MA in Global Risk
• MA in International Economics and Finance
• MA in Global Policy (for experienced professionals)
• Master of International Public Policy (for experienced professionals)
Also offers dual and cooperative degree programs, and a PhD program.

Priority Deadline for Fall 2019:
Early notification deadline is November 1, 2018. Actual deadline varies by program:

Standardized Exam Scores: GRE or GMAT required for most degree programs

Recommendation Letters: Two required

Application Checklist: https://www.sais-jhu.edu/fp-guide-application-checklist

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