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2020 Funding Your Graduate Education in International Affairs

THIS GUIDE IS NO LONGER ACTIVE. For the current FP Guide, click here.

Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies

Advanced Degree Positions Students for a Better Job Market

The current economic downturn may be “a great time to consider graduate school,” according to Sidney T. Jackson of Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. “Building your skill set and getting your credentials is the smart move now to position yourself for when the economy comes back.”

To help prospective students afford the degree, Johns Hopkins SAIS seeks to understand each personal situation and develop an appropriate aid package, says Jackson, assistant dean of global enrollment and recruitment. “We don’t want to saddle students with debt that is going to take a long time to get out of.”

The aid includes a variety of scholarships, ranging from institutional aid to scholarships funded by donors. Some scholarships are funded jointly by Johns Hopkins SAIS and external sponsors.

In addition to financial aid, internships are a popular option for defraying educational costs while gaining valuable experience beyond the classroom. Each year at Johns Hopkins SAIS, approximately 75 percent of students in the Master of Arts (MA) degree program complete an internship during the summer between their first and second year. To facilitate internships in the public, nonprofit, and multilateral sectors, where positions can be unpaid, the school’s Summer Internship Fund provides financial assistance to students seeking these important experiential learning opportunities. Recent internships included positions at the International Trade Centre, The Nature Conservancy, South Africa’s central bank, and the UN Development Programme.

From Little Havana to the US Foreign Service

Gricelda Ramos, a second-generation immigrant from Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood, has landed a job as a US Foreign Service officer, thanks to a stellar academic career and a Johns Hopkins SAIS ’20 MA degree. While earning her BA from Dartmouth College, Ramos studied at Japan’s Waseda University as a World Economic Forum Global Leadership Fellow. During her studies at Johns Hopkins SAIS, Ramos interned with the US Department of State. She funded her MA using a Pickering Fellowship from the State Department and a Dean’s Scholarship from Johns Hopkins SAIS.
)))Ramos says she is honored to be one of the few Honduran-Americans in the Foreign Service: “Students of color with similar backgrounds can see that pursuing a graduate degree and serving our country are experiences that belong to them as well.”

“Building your skill set and getting your credentials is the smart move now to position yourself for when the economy comes back.” –Sidney T. Jackson, Assistant Dean of Global Enrollment and Recruitment, School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University

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