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2020 Funding Your Graduate Education in International Affairs

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University of Notre Dame, Keough School of Global Affairs

Generous Grants, Funding for Travel and Research Make Degree Affordable

Students at Notre Dame’s Keough School of Global Affairs benefit from generous grants that cover much of their tuition and living costs. This past academic year, grants met at least 65 percent of financial needs for all 70 students.

“We have generous donors who have provided funding devoted to student support,” says Ted Beatty, associate dean for academic affairs. “The basic foundation for financial aid is very strong here.”

Besides funding for tuition, the school has special grants to support the travel or research fieldwork that is needed to graduate. Like many other two-year global affairs programs, Keough requires that students complete a professional internship, Beatty says. “At Keough, we are able to fund students for international work, either during the summer between their two years or during their third semester, as part of their practicum experience.”

Students also may receive funding for Keough’s language immersion requirement, and more modest financial support for professional development conferences.

The school emphasizes these training opportunities to prepare students for work in global affairs at nongovernmental organizations, and in the public and private sectors, with a particular focus on development and peacebuilding.

“We are interested in attracting the most promising candidates from around the world,” Beatty says. “So we don’t expect students to be able to pay for their education in full or repay a lot of loans that could prevent them from pursuing their professional calling. We have made affordability a priority.”

“We don’t expect students to be able to pay for their education in full or repay a lot of loans … We have made affordability a priority.” –Ted Beatty, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Keough School of Global Affairs, University of Notre Dame


Mian Moaz Uddin, Master of Global Affairs ’19, has been busy assessing the transportation policies proposed by the Democratic candidates for the 2020 US presidential election. This is part of his job as a public policy fellow for the International Council on Clean Transportation in Washington, DC, where he analyzes developments in transportation policies and technologies and authors white papers and briefings.
)))A portfolio of research and policy projects that Uddin completed at the Keough School was instrumental in helping him secure the job. “I was able to demonstrate that I could knowledgeably conduct research on transport and energy and synthesize that information into policy recommendations,” he says.
)))“The Keough School’s generous financial support made it possible for me to pursue a world-class graduate degree in a field I am passionate about,” Uddin says.

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