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Advancing a Global Affairs Career Through Graduate Education


A look at some of Foreign Policy’s headlines—such as “What AI Will Do to Elections” and “Italy’s Energy Deal Faces Backlash in Africa”—provides insight into the evolution of international relations as a discipline and career path. Transboundary, large-scale challenges, such as war and climate change, and technological advancements, including cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, are intersecting and demanding a broader range of knowledge and skills from international relations professionals.

Consequently, “multidisciplinary” and “interdisciplinary” are now the keywords in graduation education. This approach allows students to build a curriculum that combines several specializations that align with their interests and career objectives.

With this type of career preparation, professionals can also more easily move between sectors. This is a growing trend as conventional sector boundaries blur and there become more opportunities within the private sector to make a meaningful difference.

In this FP Guide, leaders from top-tier universities talk about employment trends in international relations and how they are shaping graduate education to prepare students for success in this competitive field.

Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs Diverse Campus, Flexible Curriculum Prepare Graduates for Fulfilling International Careers

Yale University, Jackson School of Global Affairs Flexible Curriculum Allows Students to Follow Their Global Passions

Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service Jobs in Political Risk, Government, and Intelligence Intrigue Students

University of Notre Dame, Keough School of Global Affairs Professional Development and Field Experience Prepare Graduates to Lead

The Fletcher School at Tufts University A Multidisciplinary Approach Combined with Real-World Experience Produces Problem Solvers

Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies Multidisciplinary Curriculum and Career Planning Foster Flexibility and Public-Private Sector Transitions

Indiana University, Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies An International Affairs Education Informed by Policy, Strategic Languages, Area Studies

Seton Hall University, School of Diplomacy and International Relations High-Value Experiential Learning Opportunities Prepare Students for Career Success


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