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FP Guides appear in each print issue of Foreign Policy (FP) and in FP online at foreignpolicy.com or
fpguide.foreignpolicy.com all year round.

FP online, by the numbers:

Websites: 8 million+ page views from 4 million+ unique visitors to FP online each month
12,000+ viewers of FP Guides each month

Social Media: 2.5 million followers on Facebook and Twitter, 30,000 followers on LinkedIn

Newsletter: 800,000 subscribers

Podcast: 120,000 downloads each month

FP online viewers, demographics:

50% live outside the United States
25% work in media and academic institutions
20% serve as leaders in government
13% lead a division or company
10% work in US military and defense


“I use Foreign Policy frequently to stay informed for class. I think students benefit from access to this journal and its resources, and I incorporate its readings into my classes.”

–Associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs

How to Participate

For information on how to participate in FP GUIDES, contact Sherri Greeves, Director of Academic Partnerships,
[email protected]

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Spring/Summer FP Guide: Advancing a Global Affairs Career Through Graduate Education

The intersection of transboundary, large-scale challenges and technological advancements is demanding a broader range of knowledge and skills from international relations professionals. Learn about the impact this is having on employment trends and how graduate schools are preparing students for success in this evolving and competitive field. Read the guide.


Aspiring international affairs professionals rely on FP Graduate Education Guides (FP Guides) for information and insights about graduate program options. At the same time, schools of international affairs look to FP Guides to reach qualified prospective students whose aim is to develop their knowledge, skills and professional qualifications with the goal of meaningful contributions through their career and making a positive difference in their field. 

FP Guides offer timely supplements within the award-winning Foreign Policy magazine, the leading source for understanding and analysis about global affairs for 8-million-plus monthly readers. The FP Guides are in a unique position to link professionals interested in advancing their careers with specific and timely education opportunities.

FP Guides offer readers access to current program information and an inside look at leading programs. They meet global leaders, admission and career service directors, and faculty members and students who are making a difference through cutting-edge research, partnerships and fieldwork. 


Fall/Winter 2023-2024 Insights Into Graduate Programs for Aspiring Global Leaders
Align your career goals with top-tier graduate programs.

Spring/Summer 2023 In-Demand Careers
Learn how universities stay abreast of workforce trends and in-demand skill sets to prepare graduates to adapt and thrive in their career.
Winter 2023 Leaders in Graduate Education
Meet the leaders who shape students’ experiences and are developing the next generation of global changemakers.
Fall 2022 Applying to Graduate School
Learn directly from top schools what their admissions look for and how to effectively communicate your interest and qualifications.


FP GUIDES are custom-content reports appearing in FP magazine, on ForeignPolicy.com, and on FP GUIDE websites. The FP GUIDES share useful information about programs and services of interest to FP readers and highlight leading organizations in global policy and international affairs education.

FP GUIDES are prepared by the business department of The FP Group and do not involve the editorial department of FP magazine.
Director of Academic Partnerships: Sherri Greeves, [email protected]