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2020 Leaders in Graduate Education

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“WE BELIEVE that change comes from unity, building bridges, celebrating differences, and seeking shared understanding,” says former US Ambassador Lee Feinstein, the founding dean of Indiana University’s Hamilton Lugar School. This FP Guide tells the stories of leading deans, directors, and professors who are teaching the next generation of international affairs professionals to collaborate in tackling today’s most intractable problems. They include:

• A professor with Washington, DC, experience in immigration policy who teaches an intense class about refugees, after a decade in which the number of refugees worldwide doubled to almost 26 million

• As a teenage climate activist is named the 2019 Time Person of the Year, a new dean who has worked on climate change issues at the United Nations and World Bank and now aims to teach climate change as a “threat intensifier across the full range of international relations”

• In an increasingly interconnected world economy pocked by trade wars, a center director who sometimes uses game theory to help students understand what makes trade agreements sustainable

• A professor who is preparing nontechnical students to someday help create the international norms and policies that will counter ever-growing cyber threats


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