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Texas A&M University, The Bush School of Government & Public Service

Integrative Approach and Strong Network Prepare Grads for Successful Careers

A little over a year after opening its doors on a new Washington, DC, teaching site, the Bush School’s first Master of International Policy degree graduates have found positions within various sectors of the intelligence community, including the Central Intelligence Agency and Office of the Secretary of Defense, as well as consulting firms such as Leidos. “They’re going into analyst positions and working as program managers, advisors, and consultants in national security,” points out Jay Silveria, executive director of the Bush School.

The Bush School DC prepares students for the demands of the workforce by first and foremost understanding the specific needs of the employers that will hire them. “From the very beginning, we started with a roundtable of employers from the intelligence community and think tanks and asked them: What do you need?” Silveria explains. “We then showed what we were planning and made adjustments to our program to match the kind of jobs that the students would be finding and looking for in national security and intelligence studies.”

“We’re making policy makers for the future, and we’re going to change the world one graduate at a time. That is our intent.” –Jay Silveria, Executive Director, Bush School of Government & Public Service, Texas A&M University

Bush School students have the opportunity to interact with practitioners in their chosen fields as well as potential employers. They are able to attend scholarly lectures and a variety of programs and events featuring some of the top leadership in the areas of national security, intelligence, and diplomacy. “We believe this multidisciplinary educational approach gives our students an advantage in understanding the careers they’re stepping into,” says Silveria.

The school’s proximity to the White House and many key government buildings—all within blocks—makes it uniquely poised to offer students direct access to experts across fields. The school has hosted ambassadors, members of Congress, military leaders, and top professionals in national security, the Department of Defense, and the State Department. “We have been fortunate to have key speakers discuss national security, diplomatic relations, and foreign affairs with students, and then return to their offices,” Silveria explains.

While the current program is designed for mid-career professionals, this fall the Bush School DC is introducing a new Master of National Security and Intelligence degree program intended for early-career professionals who hold a bachelor’s degree. The school is also aiming to attract more international students.

Building a network among the students is also vital, says Silveria. “They are in a classroom with someone from the State Department, Treasury, military, a think tank…and students are finding opportunities based on people that they’re around.” Moreover, as part of Texas A&M University, graduates of the Bush School DC also become part of a vast alumni association.

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