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Webster University

Immersive Study in Five Countries

Webster University’s Global Master of Arts in International Relations (Global MA) program offers the chance to earn a master’s degree through 11 months of worldwide travel and immersive education. Students study in five countries, across multiple continents, benefiting from a truly global experience.

“We find that employers in the field of international relations express a desire for job applicants who not only hold a master’s degree, but also have exceptional cross-cultural acumen,” says Carly Timm, assistant director of International Relations programs.

Our Professional Seminar courses are a leading aspect of the program. They take students beyond their textbooks for an up-close look at the practical world of international relations.Carly Timm, Assistant Director, International Relations programs, Webster UniversityStudents graduate from Webster’s Global MA with the experience of having lived and studied on three or four different continents. The perspectives they attain through cultural immersion, coupled with small classes taught by distinguished faculty, make it a robust and distinctive program for launching an international career.

Each Global MA student pursues a graduate certificate in one of four specializations: Comparative & Regional Governance; International Development; Security Studies; or International Nongovernmental Organizations. This allows students to delve into specific subject matter and demonstrate their expertise to prospective employers. The program gives students the opportunity to study at the locations that best support their specialization. For example, International Development students have the opportunity to study economic development in Ghana, while Comparative & Regional Governance students focus on U.S.–Cuba relations in Havana.

Throughout the program, students receive professional development support, mentorship, and career planning. The support includes building strong résumés and online profiles, in addition to help with job searches.

Students develop real-world knowledge and crucial networking skills through visits to international institutions and global nongovernmental organizations, and by attending professional events and guest lectures.

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