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THIS GUIDE IS NO LONGER ACTIVE. For the current FP Guide, click here.

Launching a Career in International Affairs
How will the next international affairs professionals navigate today’s evolving job markets? The FP Guide offers tips from career services directors at leading schools...
2017 Preview: The FP Education Guides
International affairs professionals work to address a wide range of global challenges. The 2017 FP Guides will offer valuable tools for exploring graduate program...
Leaders in Higher Education
Graduate schools of international affairs are educating future policy leaders to address the world’s most pressing problems...
Applying to Grad School In International Affairs
How to Strengthen Your Grad School Applications: Q & A With Leaders From Top Schools of International Affairs



FP GUIDES are custom-content reports appearing in FP magazine, on ForeignPolicy.com, and on FP GUIDE websites. The FP GUIDES share useful information about programs and services of interest to FP readers and highlight leading organizations in global policy and international affairs education.

For information on how to participate in FP GUIDES, contact Keith Arends, Director, Education Advertising, 646-517-0540; [email protected].

FP GUIDES are prepared by the business department of The FP Group and do not involve the editorial department of FP magazine.

Writer: Nancy Henderson
Copy Editor: Rachel McVearry
Designer: Cinda Debbink, www.dgdesignpartners.com
Vice President, Education & Nonprofit Sales: Keith Arends, [email protected]

How to Participate

For information on how to participate in FP GUIDES, contact Keith Arends, Vice President, Education & Nonprofit Sales, 646-517-0540, [email protected]