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Lee Feinstein, Dean
Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies, Indiana University


With a new name and several new programs, Indiana University’s Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies builds on a long tradition of excellence in educating principled and nonpartisan global leaders at a time when the world needs them more than ever.

The school’s name reflects the leadership of former U.S. Rep. Lee H. Hamilton and former U.S. Sen. Richard G. Lugar and the university’s commitment to creating leaders who celebrate differences and seek shared understanding. To honor Hamilton and Lugar’s historic work, the school will offer the Global Leadership Scholars Program, supporting full master’s degree fellowships, including tuition, fees, and a living stipend. As Hamilton notes, “This nation is never finished. It has to be recreated in each generation.”

Hamilton and Lugar know the value of a degree from the school in the heartland of America that bears their names. “One learns early on that talent and accomplishments count—but honesty and integrity count more,” says Lugar, professor of practice at the Hamilton Lugar School.

Both Hamilton and Lugar serve as distinguished scholars at the Hamilton Lugar School. They are part of a faculty of more than 100 full-time scholars, including professors in area studies and language, as well as policy scholars who are former ambassadors and senior government officials focusing on global institutions, political economy, and international relations.

The school’s innovative, multidisciplinary programs emphasize cultural fluency and applied social policy, based on the premise that, as former ambassador and Dean Lee Feinstein says, “To change the world, first you need to understand it.”

The Hamilton Lugar School is one of the few that fully integrate global and area studies into the curriculum, ensuring that students graduate not only with expertise in global affairs, but also with knowledge about the regional cultures, languages, and perspectives that shape the world.

“To change the world, first you need to understand it.” –Lee Feinstein, former Ambassador and Dean, Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies

In 2018, eleven of Hamilton Lugar’s area studies centers and programs—the most of any school in the nation—were awarded an $18.8 million four-year grant under the Department of Education’s prestigious Title VI program. In the first year, the school will receive $4.7 million, including foreign language and area studies awards that will provide Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) fellowships and scholarships to more than 80 students. The school’s renowned program in area studies and instruction in 80 languages cover almost every area of the world and are central to the success of the school.

The Hamilton Lugar School offers an MA and MS in International Studies and supports Language Flagship programs in Arabic, Mandarin, Turkish, and Russian. IU is the only university with four such programs. The MS degree emphasizes data-driven solutions to global challenges.

In area studies, the school offers master’s degrees in East Asian Studies and in its renowned program in Russian and East European Studies. The school also offers master’s degrees in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures and in Central Eurasian Studies, as well as MA degrees focusing on Africa, Europe, Latin America, and other areas.

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